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TAG Racing - Riders & Drivers 
Jack Kennedy 15/10/2011
Jack Kennedy: Career 15/10/2011
Jack Kennedy: Results 15/10/2011
Jack Kennedy: Photos 15/10/2011
Jack Kennedy: Press & Media 15/10/2011
Mondello Park Newsletter Volume 3 Issue 04 - May 2007 - "Jack Kennedy's Road to Recovery for Home Race" 
Irish Racer November 2005 - "Jack Kennedy - A New Sensation" 
Karl Connolly 15/10/2011
Karl Connolly: Results 15/10/2011
Karl Connolly: Photos 15/10/2011
Karl Connolly - "Not Rider ERROR" 
Robbie Lanigan 15/10/2011
Robbie Lanigan: Results 15/10/2011
Robbie Lanigan: Press & Media 15/10/2011
Mondello Park Newsletter Volume 3 Issue 05 - July 2007 - "The TAG Racing Team's weekend at Mondello Park's BSB" 
Brian McCormack 15/10/2011
Brian McCormack: Results 15/10/2011
Noel Dunne 15/10/2011
Noel Dunne: Results 15/10/2011
Noel Dunne: Photos 15/10/2011
TAG Racing - Races & Results 20/01/2009
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TAG Racing Press & Media 20/01/2009
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